4 Bathroom Renovation Tips

4 Bathroom Renovation Tips

Everyone has heard that kitchens and bathrooms help sell homes. Many sellers look at remodeling a bathroom before the sell to make it appeal to buyers, but why wait? Whether you are getting close to selling your house or just moving in, you should have a bathroom that you love. 

A bathroom renovation can be a big undertaking. It can involve everything from plumbing and electrical to design and decor, so it is important to have a good plan before you start. These 4 tips will help you renovate your bathroom in a way that you can enjoy, and that will add value when you are ready to sell. 

Bathroom Renovation Tips:


1. Consider Who Will Use the Bathroom? 

A renovation in a child’s bathroom will most likely be completely different than the renovation that you would do in a master bathroom. Most parents want access to a bathtub in a children’s bathroom. They also want finishes that are easy to care for, such as ceramic tile, and fun elements that make using the bathroom comfortable and not scary for small children. 

On the other hand, when you are renovating a master bathroom many people want higher end finishes. Finishes such as marble and granite are popular choices. The majority of homeowners prefer to have a double vanity in the master bathroom as well as a separate tub if there is room. 


2. Have Fun with Tile Design

Tile is one of the best ways to play up your bathroom. Choose from the 2017 tile trends to add a fun, elegant or sophisticated feel to your bathroom. 

    •    Metro Tile – This isn’t a new trend, but it is still incredibly popular. Metro tile (or subway tile) provide a classic look that is used throughout kitchens and bathrooms in every setting. The layout you choose for these tiles provide a variety of design options, such as vertical, horizontal layers or herringbone. 

    •    Bold Patterns – You no longer need to be afraid of adding tiles with bold patterns to your bathroom floors. This can be a great option for adding a design element that is not too difficult to change a few years down the road if you tire of it. However, if you plan on selling soon, keep in mind that you want your designs to appeal to the largest amount of buyers. 

    •    Marble – This trend grew in popularity in 2016 and is continuing this year. Marble can be an expensive addition, so if you are working within a tight budget you can opt for a more affordable tile that resembles marble, such as Caeserstone or Silestone.


3. Focus on the Vanity

Look for ways to add some personality and character into your bathroom. One option to accomplish this is through the vanity selection. There are many different styles you can choose from to match the design of the room. You can also repurpose old furniture into a new vanity by refinishing it and cutting a whole in the top for the sink basin and faucet.


4. Choose your Fixtures in Person

Do choose your fixtures online. Find a store locally where you can see and touch the different choices. Until you are actually trying it in person it is hard to tell what you will like. Once you know exactly what you are looking for you can choose to buy online or through the store. 

Remember when renovating your bathroom(s) it is important to find the proper balance of what you love and what buyers will love, unless you are in your forever home.